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Can kids go fly fishing?

- Absolutely, we love taking kids on trips.  Generally speaking, children should be around 10 years old or older, but it depends on the child.  As a parent, you know what your kids' interests are and how long their attention span is, fishing is a great way to teach patience and show them the great outdoors.  You'd be surprised how many children have out fished their parents!

Do I need a fishing license?

-Yes, everyone that fishes in Colorado must obtain at least a 1-day fishing license.

Please follow the link below to obtain a fishing license prior to your trip,   

By purchasing this before your trip you will maximize your time on the water, the proceeds from fishing licenses help keep our rivers and forests healthy. If you need help purchasing your fishing license please contact us, we are always here to help. 

What do I wear on my trip?

-For wade trips please bring warm socks and something warm from the waist down, think sweat pants or ski base layers.  A light long sleeve shirt is best for sun protection as well as a hat and sunglasses.  We always recommend sunscreen as well, your guide will have some if you forget.  

For float trips please wear shoes you wouldn't mind getting wet and light clothes for sun protection, all of our boats have dry storage for phones, wallets, etc.

Can you pick us up from our hotel?

-Transportation can always be provided on wade trips, your guide will bring all the necessary equipment to you.  For float trips, we will provide transportation on full day trips. 

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